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2nd Year

1. Click Here to Download OOT LAB Assignment (CS-403)
2. Click Here to Download DotNet LAB Practical List (CS-406)
3. Click Here to Download DotNet LAB Assignment List (CS-406)
4. M.E. DotNet LAB Assignment List (ME-406)
5. M.E. DotNet LAB Practical List (ME-406)
6. C.E. DotNet LAB Assignment List (CE-406)
7. ADA Assignment (CS-404)
8. CSE 3rd Sem Assignment
9. Singly Link List Algorithm
10. Math Formulas and Important Questions:Unit 1 ||Unit 2 ||Unit 3 ||Unit 4 ||Unit 5 ||Formulas
11. Math Model Question Paper: Paper -1 || Paper -2 ||
12.RGPV Question Papers: CSE || ME || EC || EE
13. JAVA Practical Questions