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Principal's Message

Corporate Institute of Research & Technology is an institution that aims at the complete development of the student and our strained to ensure that the students are given every possible support in all their endeavors, academic on otherwise.

Our vision is to create a world class education in engineering which leads to a graduate degree. Students are exposed to challenging research based academics and a host of sports, cultural & organizational activities on its vibrant campus & congratulate the staff for their contribution & wish the students the very best of luck in their attempts to build purposeful careers in future.

We endeavor to equip our graduates with  technical knowledge and skills  and live projects, at the same time honoring their management talent, so that they may contribute to the industry while achieve excellence as professionals.

In the era of stiff competition, success can only be achieved if one makes the right kind of endeavor at the right time and in the right direction. “ Success will never lower it’s standard to accommodate us. We have to raise our standard to achieve it”.

                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Laxmi Singh
                                                                                                           Corporate Institute of Research & Technology , Bhopal