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Recruitment Procedure

 The procedure for effective campus recruitment followed by T&P Cell are as follows:

The T & P Cell is inviting various companies to visit and interview CIST students for recruitment. The T&P Cell also encloses a Job Notification Form
 The Job notification form needs to be filled in by the company. The completed form is sent, through E-Mail / Fax / Post, by the recruiting company to the T&P Cell.

On receipt of Job Notification form, the T&P Cell allows the company to visit the campus for a pre-placement talk either before the selection process or during the final recruitment process.

The T&P Cell finalizes a suitable date for the selection processes and communicate to the company.
Date allotments are on the basis of the students perception of the job offered, viz. Job profile and growth prospects and Compensation package

After completion of the selection process, the company will be requested to furnish the final list of students, as soon as possible preferably on the same day.